I wanted to remind you that its Monday!!!!!  

That means a new video has been posted to http://VioletVega.com/Videos

Hope you like it!!!

XOXOX Violet 

Members show Wednesday at 7pm MST.


Members show is tomorrow evening at 7pm MST or in about 14 hours from when I send this email. I hope to see you!!

I hope you all liked the Beautiful Agony Video that was posted on Monday. The next video is in my truck!!! Wooo!!! Im excited for you to see it!! Hahaha Im bad at secrets!!

Also to let you all know in the misc. tab!!! We have added a link to get to my blog on tumblr. You can find my calendar here and find out what my week is looking like. Theres also my 3 wish lists and my POBox info. Please make sure when your checking out the site you go to all the pages avalible to you so you can maximize your time on my site!!!

Much Love

XOXOX Violet


Mmmm turkey

Carving the bird!


I launched my 15th video today!!!!!!  Yay!!!  

Im very excited and I hope all of you are too.  This one I had a few requests to make over the last few weeks.  Feel free to make suggestions to me about things you would like to see.  After all it is YOU Im trying to please!  Im also super excited for next Mondays video! 

I hope everyone has had a nice weekend.  Im sooooooo full still of thanksgiving dinner and I have to go to my dads family dinner in a few hours to eat more. Im guna have to hit the gym 2 times as hard before my trip to Vegas next Friday.  

Also I want to remind you Im planning my members show for Wednesday Oct. 15th at 7pm MST.  

See you soon!!



what do you like better giving or getting head? ;)

Both are great but I would prefect to give

Lets Play   Http://VioletVega.com 

This week for Violet 


Im very excited!! Tomorrow and Monday Im to spend celebrating thanksgiving!! Tomorrow Im making a turkey dinner and Monday my uncle is having one.  

Also Monday is when the next video will be posted. This is a Beautiful Agony type video as I had a few of you request.

The next live members show will be on Wednesday Oct. 15th at 7pm MST.  

As mos of you know Im heading to Vegas next Friday.  I was suppose to be going for the premiere of the BB Movie.  However the venue at the South Point has decided not to host it.  The main part of Pollygrind will be on the 16th.  So Im now going to see Jenn and have a vacation.  Im hoping I will be able to make a video from the hotel.  If I dont I appoligize!  

Hope your having an awesome weekend!!!

XOXOX Violet 



Hope you had an awesome weekend!!!

My 14th video has been posted!!!  This video is the squirt cum show I had in my last live members chat.   There was only 2 people at this members chat so I didnt want all of you to be missing out!!!  

Im also having 2 members chats this week…… One will be Tuesday @ 3pm Mountain time and the 2nd one will be friday at 8pm!!!  Ill be on cam on MFC before each of these shows.  Please join me!!!!

Much Love

XOXOX Violet

Pedicure time!! #feet


Seriously beyond pretty at the #cemetery in #fall

6cemetery, fall,

Who wants to take advantage of me while I’m tired up in the #cemetery #bondage

6cemetery, bondage,

I love October! #cemetery #deadpeople

6cemetery, deadpeople,


Im very excited for October!!!  

Its going to be Canadian Thanksgiving on the 13th and Thanks giving is my favourite holiday!  Why do you ask?  I love family dinner and especially when it is turkey dinner with all the fixings!  I also love to cook the dinner for my friends and family.  I also love Thanksgiving because it comes twice a year!!  I know the pilgrims only landed the Mayfair once in North America but here in Canada we celebrate it on the second Monday in October, and we celebrate the harvest. If we waited till November to Celebrate the harvest we would be under 3 feet of snow already!  Also the American Thanksgiving falls on my Best Friend Jenn s birthday you may know her as PurpleStar.  

I will be having a members show on the day that I make my dinner so you guys can watch me cook the bird!!  Ill keep you posted when I know what day that is might be 10-13th some time. 

Im hoping to run for top 100 in Miss MFC this month.  I would really appreciate all your support weather its tokens or you just coming to my room and chatting with me and having fun I would love for you all to be there with me!!! Ill be trying to get on at least once every single day this month.

For Halloween this year we will be carving pumpkins into naughty things on MFC and in a members show.  Feel free to send me something fun u want me to carve and Ill see if I can do it.  

I also have dropped the price for my 56 videos for sale on MFC  you can get all the 56 videos for 2525 tokens now instead of 7000 tokens.  Other wise they stay at the same individual pricing. 

October 18th is a very important day for Jenn and myself as it is the premier of the BB movie!!!  The film is having its 1st screening at the Pollygrind Film Festival at the South Point Casino.  If u would like to come tickets are open to the public and I think you can find them on Event Brite.  If you haven’t watched the trailer check it out here»  http://bb-film.com 

Hope so see a a lot of you this month!!!!

Much love!!

XOXOX Violet